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Ammazin Colorz Frozen Cups: Revamping the Ammazin Colorz Website With a Fun New Look
Ammazin Colorz, a Louisiana-based distributor, is known for their iconic frozen cups. This cultural staple is believed to have the power to unite people of all ages and backgrounds, embodying the spirit of the South. The brand's new website and established visuals brilliantly capture the essence of what the brand represents - family and fun. The website's well-designed look and feel features a color palette that everyone can relate to, which also aligns with the colors of the frozen cups provided by the distributor. Moreover, the website design covers all angles of family and fun with its playful graphics and imagery. From the outset of accepting this project from our client, we knew which visual direction to take. The vibrant and welcoming design of the new website embodies the company's values, missions, and views. We took on this project with full confidence, knowing that our redesign would truly represent their business and shed light on its future prospects.

Project Inclusions

- Establishing Brand Visuals
- Reconstructed Website Design
- Revised Content
- User Friendly Design
- Graphic Design
- Frozen Cup Retail & Distribution


- Wix Website Redesign
- CRM Integration
- DRF Integrated
- Vendor Application
- SEO Basics


- Project Revisions
- Digital Designs

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