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Assessing the Subtle and Colorful Design of an Education Consulting Company's Website:
The design for Knowledge Nest website is both subtle and colorful, transmitting a friendly and helpful atmosphere to visitors.
Knowledge Nest believes that every individual deserves access to quality education and that every educator deserves the tools and resources necessary to facilitate effective learning. Their online platform offers a wide range of services, including instructional support, evaluative services, leadership development, and employment coaching. Additionally, you can book their services, inquire about speaking engagements, and access relevant articles and resources. Our team conducted extensive research on education service providers and color hues that complement the subject matter while creating this website. The result is Knowledge Nest's website that perfectly captures the essence of education. Our design showcases the necessary information in a clean and resourceful way that establishes trust with potential clients. They'll be confident in knowing that they've found the perfect resource for educational assistance.

Project Inclusions

- Graphic Design
- Color Compatibility
- User Friendly Design
- Single Page Scrolling
- Education Consulting & Resources


- Premium Wix Design
- CRM Integration
- Third Party Tools
- SEO Basics


- Digital Designs
- Project Revisions
- Social Media Content
- Quick Response Code

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