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KWEST Tax Service: Designing a Website that Balances Professionalism and Personality

Tax Service is your go-to source for high-quality tax services, catering to both individuals and business owners who require help with tax preparation or other related services. Additionally, KWEST Tax Service specializes in credit repair and business coaching to provide comprehensive assistance to those in need. With their extensive knowledge and skills, KWEST Tax Service is well-equipped to assist with all of your financial needs. The website design is specifically crafted to provide potential clients with comprehensive information on tax services, credit repair, and business coaching. The website has dedicated pages that explain each service in detail, making it easy for clients to understand what each service entails. The site also contains a contact form that clients can use to inquire about the services offered. The form allows clients to ask specific questions about each services. The website also has a file upload function that allows clients to upload their tax documents with ease. This feature is particularly useful during the tax season, where clients may have to upload multiple documents. The file upload function saves clients the hassle of having to mail or email their documents, making the process seamless and efficient. The site also has a third-party booking system that allows clients to book consultations with ease. The system is easy to use. Our client was looking for a website that was both relatable and personal, while still maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic with a touch of personality. We created a well-constructed layout that is easily navigable and highly informative, ensuring that potential clients will have an exceptional user experience when browsing the site.

Project Inclusions

- User Friendly Design
- Graphic Design
- Expressive Design
- Professional Tax Service & Resources
- Informative Service Listings


- Premium Square Space Design
- CRM Integration
- FTP Program
- Third Party Tools
- SEO Basics


- Project Revisions
- E Commerce

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