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Redesigning Serenity Tax & Notary: Revamped Website Design for Improved User Experience
Serenity Tax and Notary public believes in providing high-quality services to their clients and potential clients. Their vision is to become a trusted partner for their clients by offering a range of services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The new website design showcases their business in a modern and professional light, providing better layout and navigation for customers. The website has been designed to facilitate easy and hassle-free navigation for clients in search of specific information. In addition to improved layout and navigation, clients now have access to a document upload form, allowing them to electronically submit their tax documents. The website also integrates a third-party tool which enables clients to book consultation services. Overall, the new web design is bold, expressive, clean, and informative. It presents all necessary information related to tax preparation and notary services, ensuring clients have access to everything they need to know.

Project Inclusions

- Reconstructed Website Design
- Revised Content
- User Friendly Design
- Graphic Design
- Professional Tax & Notary Services
- Informative Website Layout


- Wix Website Redesign
- CRM Integration
- FTP Program
- Third Party Tools
- SEO Basics


- Project Revisions

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